Cartelera de metro


Digital Billboard

iPaas It develops a comprehensive set of content and cloud services that help teams and businesses streamline their communications and enhance their community experience.

It keeps its communication strategy updated, reaching each physical area, special sectors, elevators, reception areas, among others. We specialize in the implementation of digital signage solutions through screens, the development of their content and their remote administration in the cloud.



Order the content of a network of screens from anywhere and from a mobile device with an internet connection.


Simple administration for network of screens and advertising spaces

Enhance the audience experience at each contact point


Telepresence Health System

remote care

by medical specialists and family members.



  • Special Zones

  • Innovation in Clinic or Health Center

  • Fewer patients waiting

  • Quick access to medical history



  • Connected families and friends

  • Patient with access to visits by video

  • special areas

  • Access from a web portal



  • online doctors

  • Live view of patient history

  • family support

  • Medical history



Visitor Reception System

Visitor admission by self-management.

The system has an additional module to enable alerts and monitoring of people in the building during their visit, once the visit is entered, the system triggers an alert to the device informing that your guest has arrived at the indicated device, totem, tablets, smartphones, among others. others, showing on the screen that the person entered or the expected order. If this module is enabled, the person has 2 options: First they have to accept, so that the visitor can be validated. of the reception and is allowed to enter, or Refuse the visit and make comments if necessary because it was denied.


Alert System between Visitor and Reception.

STEPS of admission of visitor by self administration

Validation by visit or delivery totem
The visitor or delivery company looks for the apartment on the totem screen and chooses the sector pending approval of the entry


Building Entry Approval
The user who receives the visit as a security person, can accept the visitor. The screen will show how to get to the place or which elevators they need to take. In this way, register in the building.


Meeting Held or Ended
The person receiving the visit must give or validate the exit of the visitor to automatically register the people who entered the building.


Departure at reception
The system can take the greeting automatically or in case the building requires to validate the exit, the person at the reception must do the check out.


Meeting held or delivery completed
Authorized people have access to the visitor portal at all times, where all income and expenses are listed, such as the number of people and their data, if necessary.