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by iPaas

The flexibility you need to connect at scale.
All WhatsApp API accounts have 1000 free incoming service conversations per month.

Conversation-based pricing allows you to create better customer experiences and build a deeper connection with your audience.

How conversation-based pricing works

  • Companies that use our platform pay for 24-hour chat sessions, with different rates depending on the category of the conversation.

  • There are four categories of conversations on the WhatsApp Business Platform: marketing, utilitarian, authentication and service.

  • Businesses can start a utilitarian, marketing, or authentication conversation with a message template.


Explore each conversation category to understand how they can be used in your business.

    Marketing conversations relate to your company, products or services. These include offers and promotions, related product suggestions, abandoned cart messages, or any conversations that do not qualify as utilitarian or authenticating.
    Utility conversations relate directly to a transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring invoices.
    Authentication conversations provide users with one-time access codes for authentication purposes. These can be sent at any stage of the user journey, whether during account registration or recovery or in response to integrity challenges.
    Service conversations are initiated by users and are typically customer queries. Businesses can respond within the 24-hour customer service window .
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