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Chatbot WhatsApp #1

for small companies, Companies and Professionals, choose your plan and start improving the customer experience.

Control and organize all WhatsApp messages by centralizing your clients' communication in one place.


Centralize the management of multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Website and Instagram, on a single platform , without restrictions , allowing you to interact simultaneously with your customers.

Plans that adapt to your business

Smart chatbots

Our Smart Chatbots provide instant and personalized responses, simplifying the experience with artificial intelligence. Improve the user experience, automate tasks and maximize your income. Join the digital revolution today.

Manage your communication, wherever you are



Municipality of Rosario

The incorporation of iPAASbot transformed our operation, improving the experience by providing quick and personalized responses for all residents of our city.

Type of company :

Fortin Maure

Amazing customer support thanks to iPAASbot; Quick responses and solutions adapted to our requirements.

Type of company :
logo entreaire.jpg

Entre Aire

iPAASbot optimized our interactions with our clients, generating cost savings and strengthening our efficiency and connection with them.

Type of company :
Internet and telephone service provider


The integration of iPAASbot transformed our operation, improving efficiency, generating cost savings and a marked improvement in our service level.

Type of company :
ISP Service Provider - SAS

A plataform,all messages

Plans that adapt to your business

Increase your income by reducing your costs

to the digital change

Optimize communication with your clients

Generate leads effectively, increasing your profitability

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