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Masterclass in electronic commerce and digital marketing

National SME Congress 2023

The big trends and the new technological tools that SMEs can use.

Within the 2023 National SME Congress, Luciano Spinelli, founder and director of Snoop Consulting, led the panel on e-commerce and digital marketing.

In this training, leaders from the world of electronic commerce and digital marketing talked about how to design strategies to sell more through your virtual store.

There were Facundo Ball, Head of Vendors at Mercado Shops; Kevin Kogan, founder of Mobile Firsts; Damián Comas, co-founder and CEO of IPAAS; and Laura Barreto, Large Business Sales & Strategic Partners Manager at Doppler.

"The consumer is quite demanding in e-commerce because technology allows them to compare prices and services," Ball explained.

"SMEs have to offer good prices on their platforms, an adequate value proposition applied to logistics, quotas and discounts," he graphed.

For his part, Kogan stressed that investment should be made in a team specialized in social networks to promote products but "integrating the community through posts" so as not to bore consumers.

"The community helps you create content," she stressed.

Then it was time for the Comas exhibition, focused on chatbots. "In a year, anyone who does not have a chatbot on their website will not be able to respond to customer needs in a timely manner."

"If there are no quick responses from companies, consumers are going to buy from another brand. That's why artificial intelligence is what's next."

Finally, Barreto spoke about email automation, a key tool in the company's communication process.

"The first thing we have to do is have our own data because the client buys from us. Do not buy databases because the fundamental thing is to have consumers who care about the brand," the executive emphasized.

"And we have to try new channels and alliances that make our strategy integral. Email marketing still works," she concluded.

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