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Use cases

We share some current use cases

Welcome to our collection of current use cases. In this section, we invite you to explore a selection of inspiring stories that show how various companies are using our platform to achieve success in their respective sectors.



Recoleta Urban Mall
(Up to 5,000 users)

Our Virtual Assistant / Chatbot has been created to offer advice to both shopping center visitors and internal team members. We highlight the implementation of an integrated system with Google to facilitate home delivery of purchases.

When a user makes a purchase in Shopping, the chatbot automatically identifies the purchase intention and activates a specialized flow. This flow allows the customer to enter the details necessary for home delivery. Once this process is completed, the order is created and delivery coordinated efficiently.


Municipality of Rosario ARG
(Up to 2,00,000 users)

We are proud to share a notable success story in our collaboration with the Municipality of Rosario, an area that is home to more than 2,000,000 inhabitants.

In response to the growing need to improve accessibility and efficiency in municipal services, we developed an innovative virtual assistant.

This virtual assistant, equipped with natural language processing technology and a comprehensive API connection, revolutionized the way residents interact with their municipality.

Now, citizens can resolve a wide range of needs and queries through a unified platform.

From claims attention and payment of fines to health requests, emergencies and driver's license renewal, our virtual assistant provides fast and accurate responses in natural language.



Online, isp
(Up to 2,000 users)

Our client En Línea is an internet service company, it had the need to improve customer service, we proposed to implement the connection with its ERP collection system (ISPcube) through API that allows clients to easily access their billing data and receive invoices efficiently, self-manage your queries.

In addition, we automatically send them their login credentials for the collections portal, thus facilitating the payment process.


Merced Hospital
(Up to 7,000 users)

We are pleased to share the success of our Chatbot and Virtual Assistant implementation at La Merced Hospital, where we have significantly improved care and response through an innovative system.

Our solution includes efficient registration of new clients, simplifying the entry process and ensuring fast and accurate attention from the first moment, allowing effective management of patient flow and reducing waiting times.

With this system, we are committed to providing quality care and improving the experience of our patients at La Merced Hospital.



West Paper
(Up to 3,000 users)

Present the solution that we have implemented in our paper distribution client, optimizing the customer experience and facilitating order management efficiently.

Our API connection provided by the company and developed by them clearly and accurately displays the order status, pending balance, date and order number, allowing your customers to have detailed tracking of their transactions and deliveries.


Small Businesses
(Up to 3,000 users)

For Somos Pymes (Business Communication Media) we implemented a Virtual Assistant / Chatbot that has revolutionized the way they interact with their clients and followers, providing instant access to relevant information and useful resources. Whether it is providing business guidance, informed on the latest developments in the industry, our virtual assistant is always available to help your community.

We are committed to continuing to innovate and support the Somos Pymes business community in its growth and success.

we are_pymes_ipaasbot.JPG


Sonytel, ISP
(Up to 4,000 users)

Our solution for Sonytel, an internet service company, includes a direct connection to its web services (systems connector), which guarantees seamless integration and an instant response to its customers' queries.

In addition, we have integrated a connection with Google Suite for alarms and service notices, allowing us to send specific alerts by city or in general to all our clients.

A notable feature of our Chatbot and Virtual Assistant is its ability to automatically display messages when necessary, temporarily stopping the customer's interaction with the BOT.

This ensures that customers receive important information in a timely manner, without interrupting their normal conversation flow.

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